Ordering Pizza Has Never Been Easier!

Ordering Pizza Has Never Been Easier!

20 Jun 2016

Uber and PizzaExpress have partnered up to deliver pizza to your doorstep, with just one click

The Euros are upon us, and while the football is great, ordering some yummy food isn’t as easy as pressing a button. Or is it?

Uber has upped their game by allowing us to live our laziest days to the fullest with their new ‘UberSUHOUR’ option that orders a pizza straight to your house. No lengthy calls, no fuss, no need for human interaction, just pizza. Sounds perfect right?  

To do so, use the Uber app on 21 Jun, from 11pm to 2am, and click on ‘UberSUHOUR’ and a car will be sent to you with fresh pizzas (one Margarita and one Pepperoni pizza as well as a chocolate fudge cake). It’s that simple. The best part? It only costs Dhs50! Uber cautions that this will be a popular and in-demand service, and to try again in a few minutes if there are no cars available. Order in time for the kick-off!

INFO: 21 Jun, 11pm-2am, Dhs50