SHOCKING VIDEO: Lamborghini catches fire in Dubai!

Watch the viral video that everybody's talking about...
ByAriel Robinson Thursday , 08 October 2015
Lamborghini catches on fire in JBR
Lamborghini catches on fire in JBR
The aftermath...
The aftermath...

A video of a Lamborghini on fire in Dubai has gone viral, and we couldn't help but gasp!

In the clip, the car is seen driving through Jumeirah Beach Residence. It stops at a traffic light and the driver aggressively revs the engine, setting the car on fire. Moments later the car is seen on the bridge between JBR and Emaar Drive completely up in flames.

Thankfully no-one was hurt. However, people have their speculations that this was possibly done deliberately, claiming it could have been done for an insurance payout.

Whatever happened, it's not everyday you see a Lamborghini on fire!

Watch the shocking video below...


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