InnisFree Dubai Store KBeauty

One of Korea's fave KBeauty brands is launching in Dubai Mall TOMORROW

26 Feb 2020

And giving away plenty of freebies!

One of Korea's best-loved KBeauty brands, InnisFree is finally launching in Dubai with its first store. 

Thursday, February 27, the brand will open its doors within The Dubai Mall, making its beloved product range available to the UAE. 

InnisFree sources its ingredients from the nutrient-rich Jeju Island, off the coast of Korea, and specialises in hydrating, nutrient-replenishing skin-care, and has quickly become one of the biggest brands in the booming KBeauty business. 

The store will host a studio workshop, where 'natural materials and ingredients are used and transformed into beautiful functional objects with effective properties.'

Beauty experts and influencers have already been raving about InnisFree, and its green tea-enriched range. 

There are serums, eye creams, cleansers, sheet masks, moisturisers, green tea mist, and plenty more. 

From 10am on Thursday, customers will be able to interact with the products, sampling the best-known and loved Green Tea Seed Cream, learn about Jeju Island and the first 100 customers will have a chance of winning AED30,000 worth of products through a competition! 

This is all happening tomorrow at The Dubai Mall from 12pm, and it's first-come-first-served so don't miss out!