One Direction's Dubai Concert Plans

02 Oct 2012

Niall Horan reveals that the lads would "love to come to Dubai!"

Teens, tweens and grown women who should know better, take a seat. One Direction are one step closer to coming to Dubai. The band’s Niall Horan spilled to Ahlan! columnist Kris Fade on his Virgin Radio show, “We’d love to come to Dubai, you’ll have to talk to government officials,” hinting that the UK boy band are in talks to perform in the UAE soon. We told you to sit down! Irish lad Niall added, “I’ve never seen 40 degrees before but a holiday in Dubai sounds great.” He also cleared up another troubling rumour, revealing, “No, I’m not scared of pigeons.” Phew. Now that’s a relief, Niall.

Apparently he was misquoted and while the 19-year-old’s not keen on birds in general, it’s more of a claustrophobia issue. “You know when birds get into the room and they get trapped, that’s what scares me,” he explained. Niall also spilled that he still hadn’t passed his driving test because work keeps getting in the way. “I had a test booked, then we had to go and perform in Germany. I’ve been driving tractors at home since I was five but I still don’t have my actual licence.” Don’t worry, Niall, there are several members of Team Ahlan! who’d be more than happy to drive you around whenever you do come to visit us!