One Direction & Eminem Sharing & Caring

The stars showed their nice side with sick fans
BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 29 January 2015
One Direction & Eminem Sharing & Caring
Louis helped raise money for a sick girl

This month has seen male stars from sharp-tongued Eminem to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson make headlines for sharing their time with sick fans. Louis made a video appeal to help raise money for two-year-old cancer patient Ruby Young (, while Eminem made a house call to a 17-year-old cancer sufferer on his deathbed, granting the boy’s dying wish to meet his rapping hero before he met his maker. 

Sceptics may accuse these A-list well-wishers of seeking positive publicity, but I say, so what if they are? The end result is still the same – more money raised, wishes granted. Meanwhile, Celebville’s female counterparts seem bent on garnering publicity for the size of their bottoms, when I’m far more interested in the size of their hearts.

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