OMG! You Need To See Blake Lively Dressed Up As Baby Spice

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ByFarah AndrewsMonday , 06 August 2018
OMG! You Need To See Blake Lively Dressed Up As Baby Spice

Emma Bunton has made Blake Lively's day by praising the Baby Spice costume she wore to a Spice Girls concert as a youngster.

Over the weekend, a Twitter user named Bria Madrid shared a throwback photo from when she was five years old and posing with a girl dressed as Baby Spice, complete with blonde pigtails, blue minidress with fluffy trim and white platform shoes, at a concert, and admitted she had only recently realised that the snap featured the Gossip Girl actress.

"Found a picture when I was 5 at my first concert. #SpiceGirls and took a picture with a girl dressed up as Baby Spice who I just realized now was @blakelively," Bria wrote.

The tweet caught Blake's attention and she retweeted the post, adding the message, "My secret is out..." The 30-year-old then shared the picture on her Instagram account, thanking Bria for unearthing the old snap.

blake lively, emma bunton, spice girls, baby spice

"Pretending to be someone else... since 1997 (Thanks @briaaamadrid for the photo of us at the Spice Girls concert. Sorry -not sorry- I tricked you into thinking I was @emmaleebunton)," she wrote in the caption.

Her message was spotted by Baby Spice herself, and Emma praised Blake for her costume.

"So cute, you're rocking those pigtails @blakelively," the British singer-turned-radio presenter wrote, followed by the girl with pigtails emoji.
The response left The Shallows actress reeling, with her declaring to Emma that she couldn't believe her idol knew who she was.

blake lively, emma bunton, spice girls, baby spice

"@emmaleebunton I'm officially (dead). Forever bowing down to you (love heart emojis) I cannot believe you know who I am. This will never be normal," followed by skull and crossbones and face with heart eyes emojis. 

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