OMG travelling to India just got easier

OMG travelling to India just got easier

22 Jul 2019

Just in time for Eid!

Indian airline, GoAir, has just recently started DAILY flights from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai and Delhi, that too with Eid-al-Adha being just around the corner. REJOICE! 

The inaugural flights of GoAir, from Mumbai, the financial capital of the world’s 6th largest economy and Delhi, the capital of India, was received with lots of warmth and happiness, and boy is it well deserved!

Maarten De Groof, Chief Commercial Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports said "GoAir is one of our most promising new partners, and we are pleased to welcome GoAir’s flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Abu Dhabi. The new daily flights to Abu Dhabi reflect the Capital’s status as a key destination and a transit hub for business and leisure, which forms a part of our strategy to attract new airlines to our network, and support the growth of tourism in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

Quick! Pack your bags now that travelling options have increased!

GoAir has 50 Airbus A320’s to its name and offers more than 270 daily flights, along with 1,600 weekly flights across domestic and international destination.