Update on the Dubai drowning tragedy

The article went viral after shocking details were revealed
ByAhlan! Live ReporterSunday , 16 August 2015
Update on the Dubai drowning tragedy
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Dubai Police have revealed that a news report about a man preventing lifeguards from saving his daughter was a story from 1996.

According to reports, the article detailed a Dubai police officer’s account of an Asian woman drowning because her father blocked lifeguards from rescuing her. The article drew attention when an international newswire picked it up and began asking Dubai Police questions on Twitter.

Responding to a question, Dubai Police said: “This is an old incident that dates back to 1996.”

The news website later clarified that deputy director of Dubai Police’s search and rescue department, Lt Col Ahmed Burqibah, was “recounting some of the worst incidents he had encountered in his tenure”.

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