OMG! Madonna HORRIFIES Drake with onstage kiss!

Poor Drake was NOT happy with Madonna. See the hilarious pics here!
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 13 April 2015
OMG! Madonna HORRIFIES Drake with onstage kiss!
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Drake: Not into Madonna

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna… Where do we start?

Only yesterday we were cringing at her dreadful stand-up comedy attempt on The Tonight Show that went viral online. Today we’re cringing even more at her attempt to kiss rapper Drake during her performance at Coachella.

Not much needs to be said, because Drake’s face says it all. While Madonna made headlines for snogging Britney Spears on stage that one time at the VMA’s, it sadly didn’t have the same effect this time around when she tried her tricks on 28-year-old Drake.

Just because your boyfriends are all in their early 20s, Madge, it doesn’t mean all 20-somethings are interested. If that’s how Drake reacted onstage, we’d love to know what happened backstage!

See the pics below… 

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