OMG! Kate Middleton's a Secret Smoker!

And she’s desperate to hide her dirty habit from the Queen...
Monday , 24 September 2012
Did K-Middy get papped while puffing?
Did K-Middy get papped while puffing?
One is not amused!
One is not amused!

Forget those topless pap snaps, they’re old news. Kate Middleton’s far more concerned about hiding the fact that she’s a secret smoker! Shocker! Apparently, the racy pictures were the least of K-Middy’s worries when she heard French weekly Closer had bought up over 200 intimate snaps of her and William on holiday in France. Sources close to the Duchess reveal her real concern was the Queen finding out that she still smokes, despite promising Wills she’d given up after the Royal wedding. What’s more, if the rumours are true, she could have been papped puffing while pregnant. Hardly the behaviour of the future Queen!

Blog Celebrity Dirty Laundry revealed, “Closer is saying it didn’t publish all of the pics. And unfortunately for Kate, she’s smoking in some of them. Kate was also seen smoking a cigarette as the Royal couple walked out of Marseille airport.” The blogger added, “I doubt the Queen will be happy if those pics surface. She’s totally along for the Kate pity party now because the Royal couple were rudely snapped sunbathing during their private time – nothing crazy or scandalous. But the Queen comes down hard on the Royal women who smoke. Apparently, sources say she’s easier on the boys like Prince Harry but isn’t a fan of Prince Andrew’s daughters lighting up and has leaned on them to quit.”

But let’s get back to the matter in hand,  was Kate smoking while pregnant? Since she was spotted dodging toasts with vino on the Royal tour of Asia, opting for a few glasses of water instead, the rumours that Kate’s been hiding a baby bump won’t go away. The Daily Beast reported, “Royalists have been hearing unconfirmed rumours of late from the Royal circle that Kate is pregnant, with one source saying that William and Kate were planning to hold off announcing a pregnancy for ‘as long as possible.’” Wowzers, this is all too much, we need a cuppa and a lie down. What next?

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