OMG! Is Nicki Minaj on her way to Dubai?

There's a BIG possibility the rap star will be arriving in the UAE today!
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 01 September 2015
OMG! Is Nicki Minaj on her way to Dubai?
Nicki Minaj may be partying in Dubai tonight

Here’s one for fans of Nicki Minaj! Sources tell Ahlan! that the rap superstar is possibly on her way to Dubai RIGHT NOW!

So what’s the deal? Isn’t she busy feuding with Miley Cyrus and putting her newly-won VMA moon men trophies on her mantelpiece? Well, it seems she went home and started packing for the UAE instead!

Nicki’s fiancé Meek Mill will be performing at People by Crystal in Dubai tonight, and insiders say there is a big chance that Nicki might accompany him. “It’s not confirmed yet, but there’s a 85% chance she’ll be at the club tonight,” a source told Ahlan!

Ahlan! is on high Minaj alert, so keep checking back for updates. If you spot Nicki in Dubai, contact us on Twitter (@ahlanmagazine) or email

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