Omar Borkan

"The Gulf most handsome man" is setting into life in Dubai, and taking his career to great new heights
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Omar Borkan
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Omar Borkan
  • I’m a professional model. I started my career at a young age, and family and fans have always supported me, helping me to achieve my goals. They always made me feel motivated to accomplish more and follow my dreams. 
  • I’m well known on social media. I have over two million followers on Facebook (Omar Borkan Al Gala) and almost one million followers on Instagram (@omarborkan).
  • My hightlight this past year was witnessing my one-yearold son Theyab take his first steps and say his first words.
  • I’m mostly inspired by the smile I see on my child’s face when I wake up every morning. With the blessing of having my son in my life and the love and support of my wife, I feel more inspired and determined to be a more hard-working person and a better person everyday, to see my son growing happy and looking up with pride to his father.
  • I’m looking forward to working more on my own brand I established recently, which will include my own designs of luxury goods. I’m also working on a very cool YouTube project.
  • It’s very important for a person to always remember that success is a blessing, so share it with others, help people who are in need as much as you can, don’t ever loose your human side with fame, become more human, more caring. Let people look up to you. For me, this is true success.