Al Duri Home

Omar Al-Duri

18 Jun 2014

Dubai Marina

Omar Al-Duri, the Co-Founder and Senior Trainer at exclusive by-appointment-only fitness studio Platform 3, admits it took almost a year for him to feel completely at home in his Dubai Marina apartment. Having lived there for the past three years, he has now managed to completely personalise his space. “I started to find small things that reminded me of home, specifically London,” he says of his British-themed pad.

Al-Duri’s walls are adorned with photographic collages featuring those closest to him and inspirational quotes that make up his life mantras. He highlights a particularly sentimental piece, a ‘testimonial canvas’ he was gifted by a friend, which notes meaningful comments pertaining to his career.

“I’ve always been a person who likes to spend time at home, so it was essential for me to create the right kind of atmosphere. Comfort is key,” he elaborates, as he shows us around his warm-hued, candle-strewn living room.

Gadgets are obviously important to him too – hence a projector taking pride of place – but he follows his own ‘less is more’ advice. “A lot of people have an urge to splurge on gadgets, but if I was to overfill my rooms with too many items it would get overcrowded, so I’m vigilant when it comes to shopping,” he says. “Sometimes it’s worth investing in a TV or a couch that is going to keep you happy for a while, but take your time and check prices online,” he advises.

Omar is obviously house-proud and has put a lot of thought, time and effort into ensuring his sentimental, sunshine-filled Dubai abode keeps him connected to his roots. “My home keeps me grounded. It reminds me of where I grew up,” he smiles.

Top Tip
● It’s worth splurging on items you will use a lot. Getting extended warranties is a good idea for pricey gadgets you’re unlikely to replace for a while.