Omar Al Busaidy

The Emirati educator, speaker, entrepreneur and thinker, as well as the author of the wildly popular self-development book, Just Read It
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Omar Al Busaidy
Omar Al Busaidy
  • In the past year, one of the highlights for me was project managing Mamsha Al Khair, otherwise known as the “Promenade of Giving”. It’s located on Abu Dhabi Corniche and I had the honour of selecting the quotes that highlight the importance of giving. 
  • My book, Just Read It, was the bestselling English book by a UAE-based author across several bookstores. 
  • This is the country that I grew up in all my life, and being Emirati is one of my biggest sources of pride. The UAE helped me to truly become a global citizen.
  • I’m inspired by people, nature and the cosmos; seeing that people always defy their limits, how nature is beautiful and how the cosmos has secrets that we are yet to uncover.
  • I look up to my Uncle Isa Al Rawahy. He’s a true gentleman, family man, entrepreneur and friend. He truly guides me every step of the way and he has my best interests at heart. He taught me: “There’s no such thing as failure, only trials”.
  • This year I’m looking forward to pursuing my Master’s Degree at an Ivy League university in the US, starting my new business venture called Habibi Brownies with my partner Natalina Tucci, and publishing my second book called What is your Unique Future Power (UFP)?