Omar Al Busaidy

The Emirati author with a passion for self-development
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Omar Al Busaidy
Omar Al Busaidy
  • In 2016, I published the hard copy of my book Just Read It, a day-to-day guide on self-development that touches upon the topics of emotional and social intelligence for those who wish to pursue greater achievements in both their personal and professional lives, and sold around 6,000 copies. I was also selected to write the English creative content for the King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture, an initiative of Saudi Aramco, and Just Read It was recorded as an audio book and is now featured on inflight entertainment for Qatar Airways.

  • I would attend seminars, conferences, even face-to-face meetings, and explain the content of the book to people and once they were attracted to the concept, they bought it. Perseverance is critical when it comes to success.

  • Getting back surgery at 21 changed my life. When you’re bed-ridden for a long tme, all you’re left with is your thoughts – that deep thinking got me to really focus on how I would want to live my life the moment I was able to walk again. 

  • Good advice I was given is: Don’t ask “Why?”, ask “Why not?”. 


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