Omaira Farooq Al Olama

Omaira Farooq Al Olama

21 Nov 2019

Emirati mum of three @omairaofficial founded Advanced Learning Formulas and became a TED Talk speaker

•As an Emirati, the UAE is in my blood. I am very proud and fortunate to be a part of this wonderful country that has given so much to nationals and expats alike.

•Honesty and hard work inspire me. I love having conversations with people who have achieved great things and are helping other achieve them too. It’s so wonderful to hear stories such as these.

•My biggest mistake is giving too much of my time and energy to people that just took advantage and only wanted material things. I now don’t waste my time around any of these sort of people anymore.

•Climate change is so important to me, I do little things here and there, whether it’s turning off electricity anywhere that is not in use, or recycling as much as I can, or making sure that we don’t waste money on things that we just don’t need. I have downsized a lot. I also don’t own a car, so I’m trying to cut my carbon footprint as much as I can and use public transport.

•My highlight this year was being able to help three amazing young Arab women fulfil their dreams and pursue careers that they thought they weren’t capable of doing. It was extremely rewarding.