Queen Elizabeth

Olympians' Medals Stolen After Royal Reception

25 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Rower Alex Partridge and hockey player Hannah McLeod are devastated their London 2012 medals were stolen after a royal reception hosted by the Queen

Two British Olympians' medals have been stolen after a royal reception at Buckingham Palace.

Bronze medallists Alex Partridge and Hannah McLeod are thought to have had their awards stolen from posh London nightclub Mahiki after attending a party following the royal reception on Tuesday (23 October) to celebrate Team GB's success at the Olympics and Paralympics this summer.

The athletes left their jackets unattended with the medals in their pockets as they danced at the club - a favourite of Princes William and Harry - and CCTV footage shows someone making off with the blazers.

Rower Alex said: ''I could see my blazer being picked up and taken away.

''If it's an innocent mistake, fair enough. I don't care, I just want it back.

''I want the jacket back because it has my two pins from Beijing and Sydney and the medal from London.

''I want it back so I can show it to my daughter when she's older.''

Hockey player Hannah tweeted: ''My medal was also stolen at the same time. Totally devastated.''

Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip welcomed guests including Prime Minister David Cameron and top British athletes to the glittering reception in the Palace's 18th Century Room before the incident took place.