Olly Wood & Greg Stainer

Hollaphonic – the Dubai dance music duo
Olly Wood & Greg Stainer
© Olly Wood & Greg Stainer
Olly Wood & Greg Stainer

When these two well-known Dubai DJs turned recording artists and collaborated to form Hollaphonic, EMI was quick to sign them up in a move that marks the first ever dance music duo to be signed to a major record label in the Middle East.

You two got together officially in 2012 to form Hollaphonic. How would you describe your sound?
Olly (R): Electro-poptastic-smileonyourface-bass. There’s some deep house, garage, hip-hop, drum&bass, dubstep, basically a musical sausage (can’t believe I’m saying this!) where every part of the musical animal is thrown in to make a tasty treat (shoot me now!).

You’ve recently been signed up by EMI Music Arabia. How did this happen?
Greg (L): Both of us were known by the label beforehand, but after we first played them the demo of I Don’t Want it to End the decision to work together was pretty much a done deal.

Tell us about I Don’t Want It To End.
Greg: It’s uplifting, it’s happy, it’s meaningful and it’s banging!

What kind of response has it received across the region? 
Olly: It went straight to number one in the regional iTunes charts (based on sales), knocking off Gangnam Style (you can thank us later!) and Rihanna after weeks of them battling over the top spot.

Do you both have different styles?
Greg: I’m more of a house head and Olly brings the bass.

How did you both meet?
Olly: DJ Smokingroove introduced us. Separately we were both bending Marko’s ear about wanting to work with someone else, so he put two and two together and made the mess you see now.