Olly Murs Reveals His Secret Girlfriend!

Olly Murs has admitted he is secretly dating someone, but prefers to keep his personal life private
Sunday , 25 November 2012
Olly Murs Reveals His Secret Girlfriend!
Secretive Olly Murs opens up about his love life!

Olly Murs is secretly dating someone! The Troublemaker singer admits he is in the early days of a new relationship but is proud of the fact he is able to keep his personal life private.

He said: "I've been on a few recent dates, yes. It's all early days! I only just had a day off for the first time in four weeks yesterday, so that says it all. I am trying to keep that going.

"I'm very good at keeping things under wraps. I've not been a nun! But I keep that side of my life very quiet. When I finish my work I go home to Essex and get on with my life."

Olly, 28, has finally moved out of the house he shared with his parents, but admits he hasn't spent as much time in his new home as he would've liked.

He told Britain's new! magazine: "I moved out of my parents' house in April this year after buying somewhere last September. I like to think I'm domesticated and more mature now. I just wish I'd been able to spend more time at my house but I've been so busy."



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