Old is Gold

08 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Here's a look at age-old practices world-over that add special significance to those vows of eternity

From diamonds and spangled snow-white robes, to a flower-strewn walk down the aisle, the tiniest detail of your big day has the magic of lore attached to it. Every continent has a story to tell, with its own intricate ode to the making of the most special day of your life. Wedding takes a look at some of the most popular traditions and tells you where they come from…

All (G)loved up
From: Victorian England
A bride’s mystery and allure is most telling when she is adorned with modesty and flair, which is why Victorian brides used to cover any exposed flesh with demure clothing and accessories such as elbow-length gloves. Additionally, wearing gloves was considered royal and was symbolic in its making a bride feel like the princess she should.

The Love auction
From: Midwestern America
In a fun tradition in the upper Midwestern states of the US, the best man auctions the garter instead of tossing it. Whoever coughs-up the largest amount of money, gets to keep the garter and it also serves to give the newlyweds some extra cash to blow on their honeymoon. Plenty of song, dance and laughter, not to mention the added bonus of some extra moolah, make for a merry beginning for the bride and groom’s brand
new life together.

Surmounting the worst
From: Europe
In ancient times it was believed that jealousy spawned evil spirits that could adversely affect the bride and groom’s auspicious new life together. In order to avoid these spirits from entering her body as she went into her new home, the chivalrous groom rescues his love and safely transports her into their abode, symbolically offering her protection for the rest of her life.

From: Italy
The dashing Italians believed that a bride and groom should be constant in their show of affection for each other. One kiss does not seal the deal satisfactorily for these eternally romantic folk. In a wedding tradition that meant the bride and groom’s spark would be kept alive forever, the Italians believed that the newlyweds should not only seal their bond with a kiss on the altar, but do so throughout the night, and especially when others are toasting them at the reception!

A pair of us
From: Portugal
A little known fact is that Portugese wedding ideologies are some of the most romantic ones in the world. In an unusual take on wedding revelry, the Portugese feel a bride and groom should spend quality time together after the ceremony, so they can enjoy each other’s company and begin the rest of their life firmly bonded and relaxed in each other’s presence, thereby becoming eternally compatible companions.

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