Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum

The bargain priced beauty buy we can't stop raving about!
Monday , 01 August 2011
Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum
Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum, Dhs64, Boots

Product: Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum
Price: Dhs64
Stockist: Boots and major pharmacies

We say: Already a fave with beauty editors across the globe, Olay’s award winning Regenerist MicroSculpting Serum offers the kind of anti-ageing skincare benefits that you'd see in a product that costs 10 times as much. Amazing results in just five days – skin is plumper, firmer and feels fabulously smooth - we can't recommend it enough!

TOP TIP: Don’t be mean with how much serum you use – top celebrity facialist Anastacia Achilleos recommends at least five pumps of the serum should be massaged in a gentle upwards and circling motion all over the face, neck, and décolletage to boost the benefits of the serum and stimulate essential drainage. Here’s how:

Step 1: Tap
Pump two doses of Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum onto your fingertips.  Warm gently using circular movements and then, to a thoroughly cleansed and dried face, apply to the forehead and tap firmly over the entire area.  Then move your fingers to the eye contour area and pat the serum in a full circular motion.  Now move fingertips up to the bridge of the nose, across to the cheeks and out to the ears – tapping firmly as you go.  Now move across to the lips and then down to the chin – tapping all the time.  Finally cross hands over and pat the serum onto your neck and décolleté.

Step 2: Press
Now repeat the pattern across your face starting at the forehead but this time gently press and hold for three seconds – allowing the skin to absorb the serum.  Move to the eye area and repeat the press and hold pattern, then to the cheeks – and then finally move hands to the important ageing zone – the décolleté - and press and hold while you count to three.

Step 3: Sweep
Apply and warm one further pump of serum to your finger tips and place them on your forehead.  With circular movements sweep upwards on the forehead and then sweep around the entire eye area, holding on the areas where fine lines are a concern.  Then move up to the bridge of the nose and down to the mouth. At your chin cross hands over and sweep out towards the back of the neck and then forward across the décolleté and down as far as the breast bone.

They say: "Olay’s Microsculpting Serum is equipped with new advanced technology for firmer, younger looking skin within just five days, which includes:

  • Olay’s most concentrated anti-ageing amino-peptide complex, with its highest levels of
    Penta-Peptide and Vitamin B3 combined in one pump
  • Power Release Emulsion Technology with a smart design that works to deliver anti-ageing ingredients as quickly as a traditional serum
  • Effective Multi-Faceted Turgor Boost via a multi-faceted ingredient approach

Olay Principal Scientist, Dr Siân Morris says, “Olay Scientists conducted a five-day clinical study, using an internationally recognised skin firmness measure – ‘the cutometer’. True testimonials from women, aged 35 and above, were taken after a thorough test was carried out on them using the product on three main significant areas – their face, neck and décolletage. The results were statistically important with the women’s appearance improving up to 57% – emphasising scientific proof of the serum’s ability to give firmer looking skin.”

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