Number Crunch: World Expo 2020

Allow us to break the World Expo 2020 down for you in numbers
BySarah Hedley HymersWednesday , 18 September 2013
Number Crunch: World Expo 2020
© Number Crunch: World Expo 2020
Number Crunch: World Expo 2020

Haven’t you heard? Dubai is bidding to host the World Expo 2020. The ‘Expo’ – short for exposition (aka large public exhibition) – is a way of showcasing a nation to the world, attracting millions of visitors with dozens of different pavilions, cultural events and the odd celeb. Andrea Bocelli performed at the last Expo in Shanghai in 2010, and former US president Bill Clinton and London Mayor Boris Johnson have backed the UAE’s bid. Allow us to break it down for you in numbers… 

1851. Year the first World Expo was held in London. It was called the Great Exhibition and Crystal Palace was built especially to house it. It was Prince Albert’s idea, and the aim was to show off the UK’s industrial and economic power.

3. The number of other cities bidding for the 2020 Expo, which includes Izmir in Turkey, Yekaterinburg in Russia and São Paulo in Brazil. Ayutthaya in Thailand has already been rejected.

95. Price in dirhams for the cheapest ticket to the Shanghai Expo. 

30.84 Billion. Dirhams needed to fund the Expo, should the emirate be successful. It would be held on a site at Jebel Ali from October 2020 to April 2021 and would be expected to attract around 25 million visitors.

27. Date in November this year when 167 member countries will vote on where the Expo should be held. Ahlan! bites its nails…

277,000. Jobs expected to be created by the Expo, mostly within travel and tourism.

73 Million. People who visited the Shanghai Expo, which had 240 exhibitions from around the world and pavilions on the themes of Urban Footprints, Urbanian, City Being, Coca-Cola and Cisco.

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