Number Crunch: Dubai’s New Jumeirah Corniche

Get the facts on Dubai’s new sea front!
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 14 November 2013
Number Crunch: Dubai’s New Jumeirah Corniche
Number crunch

Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s famous seafront, Dubai is about to introduce its own corniche! In case you don’t know, a corniche is a fancy name for a road that winds along a coast. Plans have been approved for the Jumeirah Corniche Development to be built between Dubai Marine Beach Resort and the Burj Al Arab Hotel. It’s set to become a top place to walk, run and cycle. Before you lace up your trainers, here are some figures…

Length of the new Jumeirah Corniche, making it the longest in the UAE!

Length of the existing Abu Dhabi Corniche

Residential Dubai districts the corniche will cross

Months the project will take to complete

Width of the walkway along the new Jumeirah Corniche


 Width of the jogging track along the corniche