Number Crunch: Abu Dhabi’s Louvre

All you need to know about the new museum on Saadiyat Island
BySarah SwainSaturday , 14 December 2013
Number Crunch: Abu Dhabi’s Louvre

It’s one of the most anticipated unveilings since Burj Khalifa. A UAE offshoot of Paris art gallery the Louvre is now being built on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. Opening on 2 December 2015, it was designed by prizewinning architect Jean Nouvel. Here’s the lowdown in numbers…

300 Pieces being lent to the gallery by the Louvre in France

Dhs2.4 billion Estimated total construction cost of the Abu Dhabi building

4 Number of eras to be represented in forthcoming exhibitions 

180 The total diameter, in metres, of the Abu Dhabi gallery’s distinctive domed roof

120,000 Number of segments of fabricated steel that’ll cover it 

7,000 Weight in tonnes of the dome (almost equal to that of the Eiffel Tower)

2009 The year work started on the gallery with a temporary platform made of more than 4,000 steel and reinforced concrete piles built in the sea to hold it in place

1 It’s the first gallery outside the one in Paris to carry the name Louvre.

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