Now That's What You Call a Houseboat!

Now That's What You Call a Houseboat!

07 May 2015

Dubai's 'Floating Seahorse' villas get the green light... we'll take two!

Should the Little Mermaid be in need of a new palace, she need look no further than Dubai, where 42 magical semi-submerged homes have just been given the green light.

With three luxurious decks, they’re surely fit for a princess – both the master bedroom and bathroom are completely underwater, while the open-plan living space, kitchen and dining area are at sea level. A minibar is included and there’s even a glass-bottom Jacuzzi.

Named the Floating Seahorse villas, although they’re technically houseboats, the fabulous pads are being developed by Dubai Media City-based Kleindienst Group as part of the World Islands project.

The homes can even be moved, making them perfect for privacy-seeking celebs who could potentially take the mobile homes with them on jaunts across the seven seas.

Kleindienst CEO Josef Kleindienst predicts the villas will be ready by the end of next year. “Many months of research, design and planning have gone into The Floating Seahorse and we are excited to be able to officially launch and build it in Dubai,” he said.

“We’re confident it will set a new benchmark in the luxury lifestyle market worldwide for outstanding innovation, contemporary design and underwater living at its best.”

The project would also help protect seahorses, Kleindienst said, by creating an environment in which they and other marine life could thrive. He added: “The seahorse is an endangered species and we will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.”

First floated at Dubai International Boat Show in March, the concept was finally approved on Monday. Since the announcement, Kleindienst Group says it’s already attracted potential buyers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Caribbean, Sweden and Portugal, among other countries.