Novovirus is not messing around this year

The disease is spreading five times faster than usual
ByJessica CombesThursday , 26 December 2019
Novovirus is not messing around this year

With global travel at one of its busiest periods, people are quite susceptible to falling ill. Norovirus is one such affliction and here is a brief roundup of what you need to know about the symptoms, incubation period and treatment.

Norovirus and all its grisly symptoms is pretty much the worst. But sadly, 'tis the season to get sick, so a bout of the winter vomiting bug is potentially on the cards.
Novovirus is actually a year-round bug (oh, good) but winter is really its time to shine because people are indoors for longer and huddled closer together than usual. Towards the end of the year your immune system is likely to dip as well, making fighting of the bug that much more difficult. Roughly 600,000 to a million people get it every year and the symptoms are brutal: diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, cramps, headaches and aching limbs.


Generally the bug works its way out the system and symptoms should ease up after about 48 hours. Like the flu, it cannot be treated with antibiotics and you need to stay hydrated to replace lost electrolytes and fluids.


One of the best ways to avoid contracting the disease is to wash your hands regularly, and keep surfaces clean and disinfected. Try to avoid people who have it until 48 hours after their symptoms have subsided.

It’s also best not to share towels with someone who has it and make sure to putt bedding through a hot cycle to kill the germs.

Now, back to enjoying your festive season.

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