Not like mum used to make

Feeling nippy? Try a wintry warming Hot Pot at the Thai Kitchen. Mmmm....
Wednesday , 09 January 2008
Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson

It's been a bit chilly lately hasn't it - especially in the evenings. I even had to turn the air-con off the other night (gasp) although I did get a little warm when I put my dressing gown on... too much information? OK.

Here's something different. Every Saturday from January, The Thai Kitchen at the Park Hyatt is serving up a tasty, warming Juhm Jihm,... or hot pot, for the uninformed. This new and scrumptious treat is brought to you from Chef Supattra's home province of Esarn, and is offered in addition to that amazing à la carte menu. (There goes the diet. Sigh).

Priced at Dhs130 per person (minimum order is for two), the hot pot is in keeping with the authenticity of the food that has made The Thai Kitchen such a popular venue in Dubai - it's certainly one of our faves!

But.... what is hot pot?
We were wondering the same thing - (surely it can't be like the one mum used to make, where she just bunged everything leftover in the fridge into a massive cauldron and made us eat it for a week?)

Nope. Hot pot is a communal Asian meal in this instance, where everybody cooks their own food right at the table in an aromatic broth. The boiling broth is served in a hot clay pot and all the ingredients, including shrimp, chicken, meat, vegetables and herbs, are presented raw on the side. Each person then dips his/her choice of ingredients into the broth, until they it's cooked. Sounds a bit like fondu. And it's all made to be enjoyed with three different and yummy Thai sauces.

We're feeling warmer already.

The Thai Kitchen Juhm Jihm Night (Saturdays) is priced at Dhs130 per person, with a minimum order for two people. For reservations, call 04 317 2222.