Nokia's Iconic 3310 Is Back!

01 Mar 2017

The revamped model still has its old features

It's said to be stronger than Thor's hammer, and its life extends that of the average human being. No, we're not talking about an extraterrestial being, we're talking about Nokia's iconic 3310, fondly known by its users as 'the brick'.

The phone has been subject to many a meme, and is famed for its relatively indestructible design and lifelong battery.

Former users craving a blst from the past can rejoice! Nokia has just relaunched the model, but will the revamped version be better than the original?

The new 3310 features a more streamlined design, along with a colour screen. Users will be able to purchase the device for a mere 190 Dhs in the second quarter of this year.

You won't be able to Instagram however, as it doesn't qualify as a smartphone. The new 3310 comes with the classic game Snake pre-installed, and the only changes to the model include a colour screen, 2MP camera and a microUSB charger.

Will you be getting one?