Noel Gallagher: Mouth Almighty!

10 Dec 2008

Even after 14 years, Noel Gallagher still has an opinion on everything. As he takes a swipe at Status Quo, we look back on some of his finest moments...

On his talent:
“With every song that I write, I compare it to The Beatles. The thing is, they only got there before me. If I’d been born at the same time as John Lennon, I’d have been up there.”

On Oasis:
“I do all the work so it’s only right that I should get the most money. Plus I am the most handsome.”

On Phil Collins:
“Just because you sell lots of records it doesn`t mean to say you’re any good. Look at Phil Collins.”

On hip-hop:
“I f****** despise hip-hop. Loathe it. Eminem is an idiot and I find 50 Cent the most distasteful character I have ever crossed in my life.”

On Kylie:
“Kylie Minogue is just a demonic little idiot as far as I’m concerned. She gets cool dance producers to work with her for some bizarre reason, I don’t know why. She doesn’t even have a good name. It’s a stupid name, Kylie. I just don’t get it.”

On status quo:
“Normally I wouldn’t give a rat’s a** about what Status Quo have got to say about anything. But tell those w****** from me that when I go on stage at Wembley next summer, I won’t be wondering what those poster boys for Help The Aged think!”

On whinging celebs:
“Nothing bothers me more than when groups like Pearl Jam and Nirvana whine and moan and complain about life and being famous. I mean, lad, if you hate your job so much, why don’t you f****** go work at a car wash or for McDonald’s or something?”

On Robbie Williams:
”He’s a fat dancer from Take That.”

On Liam:
“He’s gone to the zoo. The monkeys are bringing their kids to go and have a look at him.”

On Live8:
“I doubt one of these guys (at G8) is on a quick 15-minute break from Gleneagles and sees Annie Lennox singing Sweet Dreams and thinks ‘She might have a point there, you know...’”

On The Backstreet Boys:
“They should be shot.”