Noel Gallagher Blasts Maroon 5 & Praises Kanye West

The former Oasis man has been at it again
Wednesday , 04 March 2015
Noel Gallagher Blasts Maroon 5 & Praises Kanye West
Haters gonna hate: Noel Gallagher isn't a fan of Maroon 5

The rudest man in rock and roll has been opening his big mouth again. Noel Gallagher believes Maroon 5 have tattoos to distract people from their music.

The outspoken rocker has taken aim at the Animals hitmakers by saying they only have fans because people are distracted by their handsome looks and inkings, unlike his old band Oasis who he thinks people liked purely because they released great tracks.

He said: "If your songs are OK, then your songs will seem better if you look good, like those f**kwits from Maroon 5. The tattoos take your mind off the fact that they're s**t. OK? Right? But with Oasis, it was "God those f***in' songs are great." It's all about the music."

However, the 47-year-old singer admitted he is fond of rapper Kanye West because he feels like they have similar despite his brother Liam Gallagher recently branding him "Utter S**t".

He told Vogue magazine: "I like him because I think he's very very entertaining. I like his interviews, they're nearly as good as mine, and I liked the look of [his Brits performance]. I think it's best listened to with the sound down, though. I do like Black Skinhead, I think that track is amazing, and I do like him because I think he's slightly otherworldly, but I wouldn't say I'm a super fan of his music."

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