DJ Bliss Works the Crowd into a Frenzy at Wiz Khalifa Concert

Fans broke through barriers to see the popular DJ
Sunday , 03 April 2016
DJ Bliss Works the Crowd into a Frenzy at Wiz Khalifa Concert
Still Shining: DJ Bliss stole the show at the Wiz Khalifa concert

Wiz Khalifa may have been the headline act but it was Dubai’s very own DJ Bliss who stole the show on Thursday night after hundreds of his fans literally broke through barriers at the concert.

DJ Bliss, who recently released the chart topping album Made in Dubai, has built a reputation for being a unifying force in the music scene across the Middle East, collaborating with many local artists and slowly building his brand and fan base over the past ten years.

Having played in the biggest nightclubs across the UAE, only those aged 21 and over can normally appreciate the master mixer at work, so it was no surprise to see the predominantly teenage audience at the Wiz Khalifa concert at Dubai International Stadium going crazy for Bliss.

Following the first act of the night, SOS, DJ Bliss hit the stage with his infectious energy hyping up the crowd with his mic work. Within five minutes of him dropping tracks from Rihanna, Jay Z and Drake, onlookers noticed a surge of concertgoers rushing towards the stage as Bliss shouted down the microphone: “Where my Dubai fans out? Follow DJ Bliss on Snapchat!”

What started as a few groups of excited teenagers quickly escalated in to what eyewitnesses called "a stampede" with hundreds of ravers breaking through the barriers that separated General Admission ticket holders and those in the Gold area. One person told Ahlan! magazine: "It was crazy. Like one second everyone was just chilling and then suddenly a few people pushed past a security guard and then everyone started doing it. It was like an avalanche of people running towards the stage to get closer to DJ Bliss."

Nobody was injured during the rush, and the crowd were suitably hysteric throughout DJ Bliss’ set. After his epic performance he was followed by international selling rapper Two Tone, and Black and Yellow star Wiz. 

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