UAE schools are ditching homework

UAE schools are ditching homework

13 Feb 2020

The new rule is less time on homework and more time playing

Hundreds of government-run schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will no longer assign their pupils homework, the Ministry of Education has said.

The 256 schools – 23 in Dubai and 233 in Abu Dhabi – will abolish homework from February 16, as part of changes to improve the quality of teaching.

Lubna Al Shamsi, acting executive director for schools, said the move is aimed at ensuring pupils make the best use of their time during the school day.

Separate lessons will be merged, with no break, so classes in Arabic, English, mathematics, science, and design and technology will each last 90 minutes.

The ‘no homework’ rule will create a balance between academic requirements and family life, essential for their growth and personal development, Ms Al Shamsi said.

The school day will not be longer than at present.