No minor traffic violation fines during Ramadan

Dubai Police have exempted road users for minor violations during the Holy Month
ByIsobel Forester-BennettSunday , 18 June 2017
No minor traffic violation fines during Ramadan

A new procedure is currently being carried out in Dubai in line with the Year of Giving. This involves exempting road users who make minor traffic violations during the Holy Month.

Since the beginning of Ramadan until the 17 of June, 10,000 minor traffic violations in Dubai have been reported, according to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director General of Dubai Traffic Department. However, Dubai police are now allowing offenders off penalty free as long as they pledge not to repeat the violation. Minor violations include parking on sidewalks, obstructing traffic and crossing roads in prohibited areas.

Al-Mazrouei said: “The Dubai Police Chief considered signing an obligation note for not repeating the violation, which shows that the goal is not collecting value of the fine, but it is for safety of the public.” The aim of this procedure is to encourage the public to abide by traffic laws and regulations.

The initiative will last for the remainder of Ramadan and if proven successful, possibly extended until the end of the year. So far, members of the community have commended the initiative and believe it will greatly benefit road users whilst encouraging them to abide with regulations. 

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