Nitin Mirani's Dubai Humour

Hot 100 stand-up comedian is making a difference
Nitin Mirani's Dubai Humour

Nitin certainly has led an interesting life. After undertaking almost every odd job going – including selling real estate, credit cards, music and even french fries – Nitin has finally settled in a multi-faceted role as stand-up comedian, actor and event solutions provider.

“I’m currently loving the positive feedback for my role in City of Life and planning the next tour for my show Komic Suta. I’m hoping with Komic Sutra I can reach out to an international audience and make it a trusted brand of comedy. Most of my comedy shows involve me talking about my experiences and interesting people I’ve met along the way.”

This unpredictable go-getter admits he lives by the motto M.A.D., an acronym for ‘Made A Difference’ and says his life is full of defining moments since he arrived in Dubai 30 years ago. “The most recent one would be the applause I received after performing for the US Army in Dubai, that and the memory of my first comedy show which was sold out two nights in a row – that’s something I’ll always cherish.”

With an exciting 2011 planned for Nitin, he says his life so far has been full of expected and unexpected twists. “Last year was great in terms of learning one lesson: Never ask why me, instead say, try me.”