Nina Zandnia Bags Her Prince

30 Nov 2011

Bahrain’s Sheikh Hassan is dating the television star

She’s already thought of as a Princess across the UAE but it would seem life has imitated art for television presenter Nina Zandnia after she bagged herself a real life Prince.

I can reveal, Nina, 32, has been secretly dating Sheikh Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa for the last six months after they met through a mutual friend.

Sources tell me the pair are set to go public for the first time at the opening night of the Dubai International Film Festival and can’t wait to reveal their new found love.

My source tells me, “Hassan lives in Holland but Nina goes over whenever she can. Hassan also makes regular trips to the Middle East just to see her.”

“They wanted to be sure they were right for each other before going public, they are so much in love and get on amazingly well.”

Sheikh Hassan, 35, has been nicknamed the ‘rock and roller prince’, after setting up a band aptly named HBR, and is a renowned professional horse jumper.

Nina, the chairman of Lifestyle TV and CEO of online television company UC productions, tells me, “We are spending as much time as possible with each other, he is just great.”

“He lives in Holland and every time I am there we spend most of the time with his horses and in recording studios, we both have the same passions so it’s perfect.”

Good luck guys, I feel a wedding coming on!!!

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