Nina Ali

The Lebanese-American mother turning social media connections into a business
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
 Nina Ali
Nina Ali
  • I've watched my social media platform @LipstickMommy double in numbers in the last year. What started out as a hobby for me to talk about motherhood, beauty and lifestyle, has turned into a rewarding career which has led to collaborations with reputable brands and companies. 

  • I was also honoured to have landed the cover of <Harper’s Bazaar Junior>, in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana. But my biggest achievement always comes from raising and caring for my three little ones – my biggest accomplishment.

  • It wasn't easy having three kids in three years and being a hands-on mom, but I still managed the time to build my social media platforms daily and on top of that, help my husband in many aspects of his business. 

  • I really try my best to balance it all. It's so challenging trying to keep up with motherly duties, work, and at the same time, keep up my appearance. 

  • I have a great group of followers who message me all the time for various things, especially on Snapchat. I always make the time to respond and communicate with them and the responses I get from them are so rewarding. If I can add any value or benefit to anyone’s life, then I’m happy. 


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