Nicollette Sheridan's Battery Claim Dropped!

A judge ruled that Nic lacked evidence against Desperate Housewives bosses
Tuesday , 13 March 2012
Nicollette Sheridan's Battery Claim Dropped!
Nic's looking more desperate in court!

Sheridan has been dealt quite a blow in her ongoing lawsuit against for former Desperate
bosses and series creator Marc Cherry. An LA judge just dismissed
the battery allegations at the centre of her claim for over Dhs22million in damages.

The disgruntled former Housewife first filed
suit two years ago, claiming she was axed from the show after she complained to
executives that Marc had hit her on the head while demonstrating a scene.

Marc told the jury that the tap on the head
was just acting instruction and that the decision to kill off Nic’s character
Edie Britt had been made months before the incident.

On Tuesday, the LA judge dismissed Nic’s
battery claim due to lack of evidence! But there was one more shocker in the
case that’s grabbing all of T’Town’s attention – a witness testified that Housewives
bosses planned to delete all correspondence about Nic’s firing from production
computers. The drama never stops!


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