Nicole Scherzinger

"Nicole Scherzinger's Still in Love with Lewis Hamilton"

03 Aug 2013

It still isn't over! Nicole Scherzinger's X Factor protege, Jahmene Douglas, dishes on her mentor's feelings for Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger is still in love with Lewis Hamilton.

The X Factor judge and the Formula 1 driver called time on their five-year on/off relationship last month as work commitments meant they barely got to spend time together but Nicole's X Factor protege, Jahmene Douglas, says she still loves her former boyfriend.

He told the Daily Mirror: "I know that she is in love with Lewis. And I've been with her as a friend while she was with him and when they broke up. I am trying to be there for her because it is a tough time. It isn't easy to switch off after spending five years in a relationship. I think it was just obvious that the distance thing might have taken its toll. But she's a strong woman and she's not silly. She is very into her faith so she knows how to get through something and just needs the right friends around her."

The Boomerang hitmaker was "touched" by Lewis' tribute to her last month after he dedicated his win in the Hungarian Grand Prix at Mogyorod to her but despite his obvious feelings, pals say she is still reluctant to jump back into a relationship.

An insider recently said: "When he dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix win to her, she was genuinely touched.

"Nicole doesn't know if she's ready for a reconciliation at the moment, but she definitely wants to see him face to face to talk things through."