Nicole Scherzinger has split up with Lewis Hamilton

Relationship spins out of control and crashes, according to insiders
ByAl NeedhamWednesday , 04 February 2015
Nicole Scherzinger has split up with Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger: their relationship turned out to be the absolute pits

We're hearing reports that the chequered flag has dropped on the relationship between Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, after seven years of going round in circles.

According to insiders, a series of rows at Christmas finished the on/off relationship for good, with Nicole finally walking out when she realised that Hamilton was never going to propose to her. Lewis, who won his second F1 world title last year, is dead set on emulating the hat-trick of championships his idol, Brazil's Ayrton Senna, achieved - and nothing was going to be allowed to get in the way of his dream, including former Pussycat Dolls girlfriends who want to to put a ring on it.

"It really is over this time." A source told the UK's Sun newspaper. "They'd been fighting for months, but things had got much worse. They spend so much time apart that things just became untenable."

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