Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez

17 Jun 2014

Palm Jumeirah

Nicole Rodrigues and her family have been firmly ensconced in their five-bedroom Palm Jumeirah villa for the past three years, and quite clearly love their home. The entrepreneur is the owner of the Diva Group of companies (which encompasses a modelling agency, a salon, a laundry as well as an accounting and investment venture, among other concerns) and decided to tackle her home’s interior design project herself. She admits, though, that Nakheel built an amazing home with well-planned space, giving her a perfect canvas to work on.

Nicole had a clear vision for her home as she juxtaposed two cultures to come up with a very distinct interior. “The home has a very Indo-Western theme,” she laughs, adding that the contrast continues in the sense that the villa now feels “like a beach house in the middle of a desert.”

Nicole’s businesses are all decked out in shades of white and that is a hue very much in evidence in her home too, ensuring a serene vibe throughout the villa, especially when coupled with the azure water visible through every window. “I am all in favour of a minimalist, functional look,” she admits, adding that she also ensures her home has open spaces. Wide spaces let an interior breathe and invoke a sense of calm. Canny use of space has been exhibited too – she has transformed her hidden garage into a fully fledged children’s play area.

Decorative elements abound and add warmth to the neutral interiors – of particular note are pieces by renowned Danish artist Per Hillo, whose organic figures and shapes grace Nicole’s home and are a focal point of her extensive art collection and nineteenth-century silver antique statues that adorn her living room.

This house has another secret that ensures it remains clutter- and wire-free. The space has been kitted out using the latest in interior technology, ensuring everything – from the opening of the curtains to the turning on of the TV and adjusting of the lights and AC – can be operated remotely.

Top Tips 
● Take a look at Emirates Home magazine – it’s an excellent source of local interior leads.
● The internet is your friend – international luxury real estate sale sites will show you some breathtaking interiors from which you can glean ideas.