Nicole Richie and daughter Harlow Madden

Nicole Richie's Daughter Hates New Puppy

17 Oct 2012

Nicole Richie's daughter Harlow hates their family's new puppy because she is so delicate

Nicole Richie's daughter hates their new puppy. The former reality TV star - who has two children Harlow, four, and Sparrow, three, with her rocker husband Joel Madden - has revealed her little girl is too ''delicate'' for their new pet.

In a new interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today (18.10.12), she said: ''We just got a puppy, a German Shepard named Ero. He is 18 months. This is our first family pet. He's a great dog. I've only had him about a week but he's so sweet.''

The 31-year-old fashion designer and icon said her young son was ''really excited'' about the new addition to their family but Harlow ''did not want a dog.''

She explained: ''She's very delicate. She doesn't like anything disturbing her space. Delicate would be the best way to put it.''

Nicole said that although both she and Harlow initially weren't very impressed with the idea of getting a pet, they are slowly coming around to the idea.

She said: '' She's definitely coming around. She's down. He's really Joel's dog. I actually told Joel, 'I don't want to pick up after any thing ever again. I've got my kids so I'm going to let you do that.'

''It's his dog, but I like to, you know, snuggle. I like to hug him and kiss him.''

Despite going against her daughter's wishes, Nicole insisted she is a great mum and would do anything for her children.

The former Simple Life star said: ''I like to make my kids happy. I'm a really good mom, you guys!''