Nicole Richie

Nicole’s New Bikini Body

06 Oct 2010

How the former size zero star learnt to love her post-baby curves

Spotted soaking up the sunshine in celeb fave vacay spot, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, last week, Nicolecelebrated her bachelorette party with a few of her close friends including Christina Aguilera and Sam Ronson.

But it wasn’t just the rowdy bachelorettes who drew glances poolside at the five-star resort, as Nicole’s proud flaunting of her curves revealed just how much the socialite has managed to embrace her figure after having two children.

Once pin-thin and weighing under 45 kilos, 29-year-old Nicole is now a healthy size two (UK six) and loving her figure.
We reveal what it took to get Nicole to her happy body place...

De-Stressing Her Life
With her career and family life now all on an even keel, Nicole has blamed her previously super-skinny figure on her hectic former life, saying, “I didn’t lose weight on purpose. My weight is a result of stress.” And after years on the Hollywood club scene, an arrest for DUI and a spell in rehab, it took the stable influence of Joel Madden and cutting her old party pals out of her life to rid Nicole of the demons she blames for her bad old ways.

“Nicole was a party monster,” spilled a former clubbing acquaintance. “She would drink, get high and hit the clubs with Paris and Nicky Hilton and the late Casey Johnson. They had nothing better to do, so they would stay out all night doing what they wanted. It was carnage.”

But with the party sessions long gone, Nicole now dedicates her free time to her fashion line, revealing, “It’s a full-time job and it’s a lot of work. But the outcome is so nice.”

‘Life-Saving’ Harlow
While pregnant with her and Joel’s first child, daughter Harlow, Nicole told interviewer Diane Sawyer, “This baby saved my life.” And it was her pregnancy that saw Nicole finally relax her years of allegedly substituting food with ADHD medication and appetite suppressant Adderall.

And it was 31-year-old Joel’s angry reaction to her 2006 arrest for DUI, which finally got through to Nicole – “Joel threatened to leave her unless she cleaned up,” spilled a source.

Joel ‘Loves Her Body’
Hollywood insiders agree that Joel has brought a newfound stability to adopted Nicole’s life. And Nic admits that while she sometimes struggles with her curves – especially her bigger bust – that there are no complaints from her fiancé. “He’s enjoying it!” she laughs. While Joel admits he “likes her both ways” – slim or curvier.

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