Nicole’s Desperation Diet!

The obsessive slimming secrets that have seen Nicole shrink...
Wednesday , 05 March 2008
Nicole’s Desperation Diet!

Just before Nicole Richie announced her pregnancy, last June, the LA ‘It' girl's weight had plummeted to a tiny 45 kilos, and the reality TV star had become far more famous for her weight loss than her book, The Simple Life or her old feud with Paris.

Seemingly obsessed with whittling her body away, only when she announced she was expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, Joel Madden, did Hollywood-watchers hope for a change in Nicole's size 00 quest.

And as pics emerged of Nicole flaunting her newfound curves in figure-hugging frocks and bikinis, she seemed to be embracing her new body - a change in attitude which pals hoped she would stick with after the birth.

But now, just eight weeks after Harlow Winter's arrival, Nic is two kilos away from her 45 kilo pre-baby weight... and friends are worried.

Ahlan! reveals the tricks, supposed food "sensitivities" and pressures behind the new mum's drastic shrinkage...

Blaming breastfeeding
Just as celebs who are desperate to slim down use "dairy" and "wheat allergies" to justify their cutting out of food groups, Nicole insists Harlow's food sensitivities are behind her existing on soups, vegetables and fish.

"There's just so much I can't eat because Harlow is so sensitive," Nic told People magazine. "I eat really bland food like chicken noodle soup, vegetables, fish." Adding, "You think you have to cut everything out when you're pregnant, but you really have to cut everything out when you're breastfeeding!"

A strict "food diary"
Friends say Nicole has kept an eagle eye on her post-baby diet.

"She keeps a food diary," a source revealed. "She writes down everything she eats and figures out where she can cut calories." And although the star has, in the past, joked about her weight - telling partygoers, last year, that no girl "over 50 kilos would be allowed entry" - pals say Nicole hides her true feelings behind her weight jokes. "She tries to joke about counting her caloric intake, but everyone knows she's very serious about getting her body back."

Training sessions
Friends say that Nicole hated her pregnancy body, with a source revealing, at the end of her pregnancy, that "Nicole feels huge right now... The change to her body's been drastic and it's been hard for Nicole to accept."

So hard, that she signed up for immediate post-birth workouts with celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak.

"Joel asked her to wait until the beginning of March, but she [was] determined to start a gentle workout routine within two weeks of giving birth," spilled an insider.

Career concerns
Although she's ‘written' a book and starred in a successful reality TV show, Nicole isn't known for possessing any great talents. But as rumours swirl that she's been offered the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago, Nic's slimdown may have been inspired by her hopes of igniting her career.

"She's definitely interested and weighing it up with the timing of the baby," said a source. "It would give her a reason to really show her talent."

Is Joel not helping?
His devotion to Nicole has earned him the nickname ‘The borefriend' stateside, but sources say Joel could be adding to his fiancée's weight-loss obsession. As sources revealed that Nic insists on donning two pairs of Spanx, revealing, "[Joel will] help her find them in her closet if they're running late," his comment that, "Women hate her because she looks good being pregnant and then has the baby and looks sexy," shows how naive the rocker is about what normal women should look like just weeks after giving birth.