Nicolas Cage in Dubai: Inside His Surprise Visit to the UAE!

We've got all the goss and the pics!
ByNazia KhanMonday , 05 May 2014
Nicolas Cage in Dubai: Inside His Surprise Visit to the UAE!
Nicolas Cage, in Dubai for Audi's new launch, with Shereen Mitwalli Butler

Surprise Celeb Visit to the UAE Alert! Nicolas Cage was in Dubai this weekend, people! Ahlan! Hot 100er Shereen Mitwalli Butler got to hang out with him, and we got her to tell us all about it. 

Here's what happened. Audi India hosted a private VVIP gathering for clients only in Dubai at the Armani Hotel on Saturday 3 May for the launch of their new model, A8L. It was a super-lavish event and Shereen was handpicked by an international team to host the event and represent Audi. 

Shereen told us, "Nicolas Cage arrived in Dubai from Dallas at mid-day on Saturday. After spending a few hours with him, we left to get ready for the big bash. We unveiled the car with Nicolas arriving in the new model in front of the crowd. His appearance was kept as a surprise and the guests were in shock to see the Hollywood star!"

"I conducted a live interview with Nicolas on stage asking him various questions about everything from his career to his car preferences. His all-time fave movie starring himself is Face/Off – mine too!" And ours too!    

Shereen continued, "He headed back to the US the next morning at 9am. He was in Dubai for less than 24 hours.."

And now you're in on the trip! 



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