Nicki Minaj wants curvy women 'to feel good' in new swimwear line

Nicki Minaj wants curvy women 'to feel good' in new swimwear line

20 Sep 2019

You don't want none unless you've got buns, hun

Nicki Minaj is looking to inspire women to embrace their curves with her new swimwear line.

The rapper recently joined forces with bosses at Fendi for the collection and made sure to include pieces that celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

"I want to make clothes that make girls with my body look sexy," she tells Elle. "We're in a new time, where you don't have to feel bad if you're not the tiniest you've ever been."

Nicki also wants women to be less harsh on themselves when it comes to weight gain, something she admits she herself has struggled with.

"What I want (to tell) girls is not necessarily, 'Go and gain weight and have a big booty,' but 'If you do have curves, be proud of it, flaunt it - love the skin you're in.' As cliched as that sounds, I've been really trying to teach myself that. 'This is who I am; take me or leave me, bye!"'

And Minaj hopes to take her fashion venture a step further by one day launching her own clothing line.

"Yas, yas, yas, yas, yas, and yas!" she shares when asked if she'd like to have her own collection. "Yeses across the board, okay? I've been really strategic and picky on purpose, turning some things down and waiting for the right opportunities. Once people see that you have selling power and you are able to impact a brand in such a positive way, then I think it's only a matter of time.

"The Fendi collection alone made me feel like I would love to continue doing this - getting to that boss status. That's where I would like to take fashion, for sure."