Nicki Minaj style team hit with yet another lawsuit

Nicki Minaj style team hit with yet another lawsuit

16 Jul 2019

Yikes! How many is that now?

Nicki Minaj’s former stylist has been hit with another lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay video workers.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the stylist Maher Jridi and bosses at Wilhemina Models are being sued by fashion stylists and consultants Sam Woolf and Martha Chery, who claims she was hired by Minaj's team to style the rapper for the music video “Swalla” in February, 2017 and promised a day rate of $500 plus expenses.

She says that Jridi then booked her to work on three other videos with him, including Minaj's “Make Love” and “You Da Baddest.” She also later styled Minaj for Paris Fashion Week and the rapper's “No Frauds” shoot in the U.K., but was allegedly short-changed.

Chery claims that despite working 36.5 days, she was not paid the $18,000 (Dhs 66,100) she is owed for her services or the $1,400 in expenses she asked to be reimbursed for.

Jridi launched legal action against the hip-hop star last year, claiming he had been stuck with a bill of almost $74,000 from his suppliers because she had failed to return designer items that he had rented for Nicki.

He demanded Minaj repay him to cover the cost of the invoice, but she recently fired back with her own lawsuit, arguing the Frenchman is the one who owes her money, because she had overpaid him for his services.

In her court papers, Minaj claimed the fashion expert had acknowledged the excess payment and promised to return the cash, but backed out on the agreement.

Jridi denied her accusations, and has since petitioned the judge overseeing the dispute to shut down Minaj's suit and allow his original case to continue.

It's hard for us to wrap our heads around this hot mess