Nicki Minaj Returns to Twitter

24 Apr 2012

Nine days after a "voice in her head" told her to delete her account, Nicki Minaj is back

That didn't take long! Nine days after Nicki Minaj said that
"a voice in my head" told her to deactivate her Twitter account,
she's back on the site.

Soon after she shut down her Twitter page, the Super Bass hitmaker had told UK chat
show host Graham Norton, "I had 11 million followers and I hope they will
wait for me." They didn't have to wait much. Nicki's account was up and
running again on 24 April, although she had not posted anything fresh.

Around the time she deleted her Twitter account, the singer had
also blasted a fansite for giving her fans access to unreleased tracks. The
buzz was that this was the main reason she quit. Nicki set those rumours
straight by confessing to Capital FM, "A lot of times I don't speak on things, but I don't want people to
think that's why I deleted my Twitter. I just needed a moment to myself.
Because some page posted things about me – I mean, I've read horrible things
about myself. I wouldn't delete my Twitter over that."

Whatever it was,
she's over it. And those 11 million followers can rest easy on Nicki Minaj updates. 

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