Nicki Minaj Rejected Oritse Williams

21 Oct 2012

Ortise Williams was rejected by Nicki Minaj so he is still looking for love

Ortise Williams was rejected by Nicki Minaj. The JLS singer tried to woo the American rapper by sending her witty tweets, but when they met up in person this summer she wasn't too impressed with Ortise's offer of a date.

He sighed: ''We had a thing going on Twitter for a while. She came over for the V Festival and we got chatting and I said I'd love to take her out and we left it there. She hasn't got back to me. So I'm still looking for love. Any nice girls out there? Hit me up!''

Not only is the Makes Me Wanna singer having no luck with the ladies, he is also getting no sleep on the JLS tourbus thanks to his bandmate Marvin Humes' love of practical jokes.

Ortise added to We Love Pop magazine: ''Marvin is more of a prankster than people realise. He'll set my phone alarm for 3am, then place it next to my head on the tourbus. When it goes off, everybody moans at me, and I'm like 'I didn't set it! I didn't set it!'''

Newlywed Marvin could be acting up because he misses his wife Rochelle, who he didn't see for five weeks after their wedding because she jetted off to Los Angeles to film her new reality show with her band The Saturdays.

He confessed his days as a party-mad singleton are firmly behind him, saying: ''I'm always doing DIY! I even wallpapered a room in my house. I'm also a master at cooking breakfast - Rochelle will tell you that. Things definitely feel different in our relationship - we feel a lot closer.''