Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Loves Miley Cyrus!

05 Jul 2013

Nicki Minaj gushes over Miley Cyrus, praising her image and 'twerking' skills!

Nicki Minaj has praised Miley Cyrus after the We Can't Stop singer named her as an inspiration.

Nicki has nothing but good things to say about the "cute" star's new look and she is also very impressed by her 'twerking' skills - an energetic dance move made popular by Nicki which involves a person shaking, wobbling and bouncing their hips and butt up and down.

Speaking to E! News, Nicki thanked Miley for naming her as one of her top five favourite female singers, adding: "OMG! Miley is so cute and every time I see her I say again and again that she is so damn cute and down to earth. I really love her, what a compliment that was to me. I really love her back. Thanks Miley!"

Miley's new image and attitude have gone down well with the 'Pink Friday' rapper, and she can't get enough of her We Can't Stop video.

Nicki said: "She looks very sexy and sassy in her new video, I love it! I love her new look, she is really all grown up. I love that she cut her hair. Some people were iffy that she cut it but I love people that have the balls to do whatever they want."

The former Disney star's dance moves have also caught her eye as the 30-year-old rapper gave her approval of Miley's 'twerking' skills, saying: "I can tell now Miley is really developing into her own self, I love her 'twerking' moments. That's what being an artist is all about."