Nick Lachey's Lame Comeback

It's better to retire than to regret, especially with Nick Lachey's track record
Monday , 27 August 2012
Nick Lachey's Lame Comeback
Nick just won't let go

Nick Lachey was big-time back in his 98 Degrees days, but after the band broke up in 2002, he was known as Mr Jessica Simpson. Don’t pretend you didn’t watch them in Newlyweds! We personally loved Jessica’s “Platypus? I thought it was pronounced platymapus?” one-liners, but Nick admitted he’s not as proud of his reality TV debut. “It was among the dumber ideas I think I’ve ever seen executed in history… it just got to a place where it was so invasive,” he admitted. OK, we get that, but then why is he desperate for the spotlight now?! He’s gone back to the reality show world with a military-themed programme, Stars Earn Stripes, which has been called “an insult to those who actually wear the uniform”. Whoops! And he’s back on stage with 98 Degrees! Said Nick, “We’ve always left the door wide open about getting back together and reuniting.” You may regret this too, Nick. 

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